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Rumor Has It

Our schools are here not only to educate and prepare children for their lifetime, but also to serve the school community. We want you to have the facts.  

We are here to serve and are committed to reasonable and trusting two-way communication.

Regarding concerns, please go to the source of your concern and follow respectful communication patterns. If a classroom issue arises, contact the teacher before reaching out to the principal. Similarly, if the issue is school-related, your first contact should be the principal or assistant principal, not the superintendent or school board. If your concern relates to athletics/activities, please connect with the coach or advisor. Just as any effective organization would do, our district will redirect your concerns or questions back to the appropriate level so the problem can be dealt with where it originated.

Regarding rumors, please click the button below to submit a rumor that you would like clarified. When something you hear doesn't make sense or if it is new and disturbing, conflicts with your previous assumptions or is reported by your child as fact, you can take positive and simple steps to discover the facts. 

Thank you!