Annual Health and Safety Notifications

St. Michael-Albertville School District has implemented several health safety plans to protect our students and employees. These programs include asbestos management, pesticide application, lead in water management, radon management, and indoor air quality. Each of these programs has a management plan which is available for review at the St. Michael-Albertville District Office.

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that each school district notify workers and building occupants annually regarding asbestos-related activities. Until the late seventies, asbestos was commonly used in commercial and residential building materials such as floor tile, fire proofing spray and thermal system insulation used on pipes, tanks, and boilers. AHERA also requires that the district conduct periodic surveillance inspections every six months to evaluate the condition of asbestos-containing materials and have a state certified inspector completely re-inspect our building every three years. This is done to ensure that these materials are maintained in a safe condition. St. Michael-Albertville School District completed the third year AHERA re-inspection in January 2016, and periodic surveillance inspections every six months thereafter. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Minnesota Department of Education have recommended that asbestos-containing materials be maintained in-place whenever possible. Therefore, the district has limited its asbestos removal to areas where renovation or maintenance activities are planned. NO asbestos abatement projects are currently planned.

Herbicidal and Integrated Pest Management - This school district has contracted with a state certified pesticide application company to assess the district on a monthly basis and apply pesticides as necessary. The long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong are not fully understood. A tentative spraying schedule for herbicides and pest control will be the third week of each month; however, these dated are subject to change. Any changes to the spraying schedule will be posted on the district website Parents may request notification if any pesticides are applied outside the estimated schedule.

Indoor Air Quality - This school district has an indoor air quality Management Plan that addresses any indoor air quality concerns that may surface. Walk-through and inspections of the building are performed annually to detect current problems and prevent future problems from occurring. Information is also available from the Minnesota Department of Health at:

Lead in Water Management - STMA has a Lead in Water (LIW) Management Plan. Districts must have a plan and test every five years per state statute. The plan is reviewed annually. The plan involves sampling potable water sources (250ml) and analyzing the samples by an accredited testing laboratory, using EPA approved analytical methods and quality control procedures (ICP/MS EPA Method 200.8). Should levels of lead in water be detected at or above the acceptable threshold limit, the district would investigate and implement corrective measures to reduce occupant exposure.

Radon Management Plan - The district is not required to take samples or have a plan. However, the district has a Radon Management Plan and has tested for Radon since 2005. Radon sampling is
conducted every five years. The plan is reviewed annually. The plan involves conducting air sampling for the presence of radon using a long term (>90 days) radon alpha track detector. The most recent round of testing throughout the district occurred during the 2018-2019 school year. The results showed no levels above the recommended 4 pCi/L threshold. Should levels of radon be detected at or above the acceptable threshold limit, the district would investigate and implement corrective measures to reduce occupant exposure.
If you have any questions about these safety programs, have an indoor air quality concern, or wish to be notified prior to unscheduled pesticide applications, please contact the Director of Building and Grounds at 763-497-6526.