Gmail Quarantine

Posted by Help Desk on 12/2/2019


With the move to Gmail, we now have greater control over the junk and malicious emails that are sent to District Staff and Students. One of such controls is to send any spoofing or potential phishing email to a quarantine. This is similar to our old email system. The biggest change is that you will not receive a notification if an email is caught and only members of the Technology Team have the ability to release the message. 

Situations to be mindful of include:

1. Use of staff and student personal email accounts to send to a account.  For Example, Sending an email from your home email to your school email.  Gmail compares the names on the accounts and sees it as a spoofing email.  Please encourage students to use their school accounts to communicate with staff.

2. Please encourage students to use their account to communicate with staff, especially if it is time-sensitive.

If you suspect a time-sensitive email may have been caught in the quarantine please let us know. The easiest way to do this is to send an email to or for urgent requests call extension 4357.