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Friday, January 8

Good morning!!  It’s Friday, January 8th, and it is a Distance Learning Day.

Video Announcements


The District level Spelling Bee is scheduled for Monday, January 11th at 7pm in the Middle School West Auditorium. Spectators will not be admitted, but there will be a livestream of the event on youtube live: Spelling Bee Live Feed. The top four spellers from the district bee will advance to the regional bee in February. Good luck, spellers!


Yesterday’s question was a riddle:

I sleep during the day and hide away.

I open at dawn’s light.

I only shine for the briefest time,

Then hide away and sleep through the day.

What am I?

The answer is a sunrise.


Today we’ll ask a Friday Favorites question to discuss with friends and family: Who is your favorite person? I think my favorite person is my big sister. Who is yours?


Have a great day!