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Message to Families 6/3/2020

Dear Middle School East Families,

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of our school year tomorrow!  Our school year has certainly been filled with a number of events that are deeply concerning of late.  No one expected or was prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude or a devastating end of human life as what we have all needed to process recently.  As parents and educators, I find one of the most difficult times for us in working with our children is when we feel helpless or realize that we can’t quickly and swiftly make the world around them a better place or solve problems for them.  Please know that we, as a staff are deeply concerned about each and every one of our students and families during these unprecedented times.  We continue to be here for your children and families as we walk through the days, weeks and months ahead and are committed to working together to not just discuss but to progress forward in ensuring each and everyone of our students come to our school house doors feeling seen, heard and valued!  This is my deepest and most sincere commitment as your child’s Principal.  Here, you will find a document created by our counseling department to support your continued work with your child in processing such big events and feelings.

Thank you for completing the Sign Up Genius to facilitate a smooth process to the drop off and pick up process this Thursday evening from 3-7 and Friday from 8-3.  If you haven't had the opportunity to do so yet, we would sure appreciate your help in doing so.  This will support our efforts to organize and manage student materials being returned to your child as efficiently as possible.  

Yearbooks are still available for purchase online through Friday, June 5th for $35 plus tax. They'll be available for pick up at the MS East pickup/dropoff on Thursday, June 4th and Friday, June 5th; buy ahead of time for a contactless purchase.

Operation Duck Release! This has become a beloved tradition at our school!! Each year, a hen duck lays her eggs in our school courtyard! Once the eggs hatch, the ducklings aren't able to fly out of the enclosed space. A few of our teachers and many students have enjoyed assisting the ducklings to reunite with their mama duck on the outside of the school! It has become a very bright spot to our Spring each year!! This year, more than ever, I hope you enjoy this sweet video starring our own Lane, Mr. Jeffery & Mrs. Jeffery! Also a big thank you to Louie for finding the ducks for us!!!

In closing, I want to encourage and thank you for choosing to engage in discussing such significant events with your child that are not always within our comfort zone.  This takes a tremendous amount of courage and vulnerability.  As our children progress through their middle years, there are so many thoughts and feelings that are difficult to process during the very best of times, let alone during times that we are facing currently.  To support your efforts in processing recent events we’ve created a document for your reference and use.  An additional resource to support your efforts in having conversations with your child regarding the death of George Floyd and the Pandemic might be a recent broadcast of the Nightly News Kids Edition June 2, 2020.  Thank you for your commitment to your children, our school district and larger community!  Wishing you a relaxing and rejuvenating summer ahead!



Jennie Kelly

STMA Middle School East Principal