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October 14, 2019

Good morning, it is Monday Oct. 14th.  It is Day #3. 

Click here for the lunch menu.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), students will have a class meeting in the cafeteria during their responsive hour. Students will go to their responsive hour class, teachers will take attendance and then you will sit in the cafeteria with your responsive hour class for the meeting.


All students in grades 5-8 are invited to sign up for Art Club with Mrs. Iverson that starts Wednesday October 30th.  Sign up on the Community Ed website and join other creative students like you!

The Writer’s Club starts NEXT Monday Oct 21 to Dec 16 from 3:15-4:15 pm. Talk to Mrs. Lyke for more information.Sign up for Writers Club on the STMA Community Education website.

Want to buy merchandise to support the robotics team? Check the STMA website to order

Reminder that this is a short school week for students.  Students do not have school this Wednesday, Thursday or Friday due to MEA break.  Enjoy the long weekend!!  


7th and 8th grade volleyball players, you have your last game of the year at Becker today at 4:15. Your bus leaves at 3:20.

Girls soccer team, you play in Isanti today at 4:30. Your bus leaves at 3:10 and you are dismissed from class at 2:55. 

Cross country team, for your meet today in Brooklyn Park, the girls run at 4:30 and the boys run at 5:00. Your bus leaves at 3:00 and you are dismissed from class at 2:45.

Girls tennis team, your rescheduled match against Cambridge Isanti is today at 4:30 here at MSE.

Boys soccer players, your practice ends at 4:15 today.