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May 30, 2019

Good morning, it is Thursday, May 30th. It is Day #3.

Recess is out back today. When we are out back, it is very important to stay off of wet or muddy areas and make sure you are not tracking dirt or mud back into the school. Enjoy this beautiful Minnesota weather.

Tomorrow is the last Knight’s Honor Lounge drawing of the year. Make sure to get all your Knight’s Honor cards turned into the lunchroom line monitors to be entered into Friday’s drawing.

Clay Projects from Exploratory Day are in the 5th grade art room.  Please pick them up ASAP.

Please return ALL ice packs to the Health Office.

Ala Carte sales in the lunchroom are winding down for the year. As stock runs out it will not be reordered, but will offer water through the last day of school.

4 days left, finish strong and have a great day.