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May 24, 2019

Good morning, it is Friday, May 24th. It is Day #3.

Today is a very important day for the students of Middle School East. The 8th grade students will be visiting the high school to learn more about the next four years and all students will get a chance to sign yearbooks in the afternoon. Make sure to listen to your teachers and overhead announcements to know where and when to go today.

As always, today is a great day to show your Knight’s honor. We need all students to step up with their behavior and decision making. 8th grade students, remember that this is your first chance to make a first impression with the staff and students of STMA high school. Make it an impression that you and the those who care about you can be proud of.

Students:  All book are due back to the Media Center on May 29th.

Please return ALL ice packs to the Health Office. Supplies are running low.

Ala Carte sales in the lunchroom are winding down for the year. As stock runs out it will not be reordered, but will offer water through the last day of school.


8th grade baseball finished the season with 2 wins against Cambridge last night. The B team won 4-2 and finished the season 6-3. The A team won 7-4 and finished the season 6-3. Thanks for the fun season fellas.

Spring Sports have ended at Middle School East. We want to thank all of the Spring coaches for their work with our students. The following MSE staff members stepped up as role models for our student athletes during Spring sports.

Baseball: Mr. Sartori and Mr. Huggins

Softball: Ms. Martin, Ms. Olson and Mr. Mueller

Boys tennis: Mr. Hilden

Track and Field: Ms. Stairs and Ms. Cox

Also, thank you to Mr. Cleveland and Mr. Dean for stepping up and helping us coach baseball when we had all four teams playing at once.

Have a great day.