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Reading Corps tutors here at the Primary

Albertville Primary is looking for Reading Corps tutors

Have you ever considered changing a child’s life by helping them learn to read? Albertville Primary is pleased to be partnering with the Minnesota Reading Corps and is seeking tutors to work with our students in kindergarten for the 2019 - 2020 school year. 
The program places trained AmeriCorps tutors in schools, where they work with children who are at risk for not reading at grade level. AmeriCorps tutors provide individualized research-based interventions and instruction directly to children.

Tutors are provided with curriculum from the Reading Corps program. Our Reading Specialist provides input and support to the Reading Corps tutors. 

Tutors provide 20-minute sessions throughout the day working one-on-one individualized instruction using interventions selected to meet each child’s needs. Short weekly evaluations show how each child is progressing if the selected intervention is working, and if the child is ready to exit the program.

The Perks of Being a Tutor

 All tutors receive a stipend every two weeks, and an education award to pay for post-secondary education or to repay qualified student loans. Tutors who are 55+ may choose to gift their education award to their child, grandchild or foster child.

All tutors may receive federal student loan forbearance and interest repayment for qualified student loans. Tutors serving 35 hours are eligible to receive no-cost health insurance, and child care assistance is available based on family size and income.

All tutors also receive professional development, make career connections, and develop marketable skills while making a difference!

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Meet our current Reading Corps Tutors- 

Education Background: Linda Everett I attended Derham Hall High School. I went to American River in California taking classes toward being a preschool teacher, unfortunately, I was unable to finish my career path. History with Reading Corps (or other AmeriCorps service): I am on my second year with reading corps at Albertville Primary School. I work in an all kindergarten building. The kindergarteners are so fun to work with.

Why I serve with Minnesota Reading Corps: I serve with Minnesota Reading corps because I love working with children and watch them change and grow. Working with children has been my purpose in life. I love when you’ve been working with a child for a few months and one day there is a light in their eyes that tells you something has clicked and they understand what you’ve been trying to teach them. So maybe I never got the degree to be a teacher but the teacher’s here treat me like I am one of them. They are always so thankful for what I do. They are very supportive.

As for my education award, I used it to help my youngest daughter pay down her student loans. The education award I will receive this year I will be giving it to one of my grandkids or I might even use it on myself. I guess you’re never too old to go back to school.

Making a Difference: I know I made a difference in the children I worked with last year because the Reading Corps tutors at the other schools told me how well all of the children that came to their schools definitely knew their letter sounds. They were very impressed. I know the teachers appreciate what we do for their children because it seems they just don’t have the extra time to help that one child out. I am here with reading corps to help that child achieve and succeed. I feel sometimes I give them that extra boost they need. I work in the community at the food shelf. I make people comfortable to be there and supportive of their needs.

Student Success Story: I have 2 success stories. I had a child that was giving me a really bad time. One day he even said to me I’m outa here and walked out of my room. He was reprimanded by our principal. Then we talked about what goal we were working toward and how a girl in his room was almost at the goal. He decided to really work hard and after Christmas break, he reached the goal. His attitude was totally changed. In the spring he was being tested with the dibbles program. The para that tested him was very impressed with his score which was a 95. He told her it was because he had help. She asked him who helped him and he proudly told her Linda did!

This year I had 2 girls that were very shy. When I did letter sounds with them at first they wouldn’t look at me or respond. I use 5 cards to do letter sounds but with both of them that was too overwhelming so I went down to 3 from the advice of my master coach. At first, I did a lot of talking and encouraging. I gave them a lot of specific praise. After a few months, I was able to gradually go back to using 5 cards with each of them. One day one of the girls came in just talking up a storm. I couldn’t believe she was the same child. A few days later the other girl was talking up a storm too. I talked with the teachers and in the class, they were doing the same thing. This job is not just working with letter sounds and blending sounds but giving a child the confidence to succeed and realize they can do what their peers are doing. As the teachers always say they just don’t know what they would do without me.

Reading Corps Tutor  


Education Background: Sarah Bedsted

I graduated from high school in May 2017. I am in the process of earning my AA degree from Anoka Ramsey Community college. This is my second year of general classes. Next fall I will go for my degree at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

History with Reading Corps (or other AmeriCorps service):

This is my second year of service as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor.

Why I serve with Minnesota Reading Corps:

I serve with Minnesota Reading Corps because I love working with the students and getting experience in the education world. In the beginning, I thought that I wanted to go into the education field and that is why I served my first year. Now I have changed my major but I serve because I love working with the kids and seeing them make progress. I plan on using my education award to pay my student loans for the next two years.

Making a Difference:

Serving with Reading Corps allows me to be more involved in my community than I otherwise would be. I make a difference by helping my students learn the sounds of letters which is a fundamental part of learning to read. I have met many families of students I have worked with at school events and they have all said that after their child worked with Reading Corps they have seen much more enthusiasm for reading at home.

Student Success Story:

So many students come to mind when thinking about the successes I have seen in the last year and a half. Each student shows success no matter how big or small the progress is. A specific student that comes to mind is one from my first year as a tutor. This little girl was one of the lowest ranked in the school and we worked together on sounds every day. She managed to learn the sounds quickly and when I benchmarked her at the end of the year, her sounds were still very strong. The little girl’s teacher said that she never forgot anything from when I worked with her. It was so nice to hear that our time together stuck with her for the whole year.

Reading Corps Tutor