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2019-2020 Academic Awards

STMA High School Announces 2019-2020 Academic Awards

Although unable to assemble and create the fanfare that typically goes along with the distribution of academic awards, STMA High School is still recognizing approximately 470 students for their academic success during the 2019-2020 school year.  The awards honor students for their commitment to learning and for their achievement in the classroom.  These students are academic standouts.  Congratulations to all award winners and thank you to their parents/guardians for their continued encouragement and support of their education!

View the entire list of student awards including:

Academic Letter Awards
Department Awards
ExCEL Awards
National Level Awards
AAA Awards
Student of Excellence Awards
Student of the Year Awards


STMA HS 2019-2020 Student Awards featured below


ExCEL Large


AAA Awards


Student of the Year


Student of Excellence Award