Sharing Calendars

  • Share your calendar

    When you share your calendar with someone, you can decide how they see your events and whether they can also make changes, such as adding or editing events.

    1. When you have your Calendar app open, click on the Settings Settings gear gear in the top right hand corner

    2. On the left, select your calendar and then click Share with specific people.

    Sharing calendar

    3. Click Add People and enter the email address or names of the people you want to share your calendar with.

    Add people

    4. Choose a sharing permission option:

    • See only free/busy (hide details)
    • See all event details
    • Make changes to evernts
    • Make changes and manage sharing

    Sharing permissions

    5. Click SendSend button

    6. If the person you're sharing your calendar with doesn't use Calendar, click Invite to send them an invitation to use it.