Creating a Form

  • To start a google form, choose Forms from your Google App Launcher.  Choose the form type you would like to create such as Blank or Blank Quiz depending on how you want to organize it. These options can be changed in the future.

    screen image of opening google forms.  shows form options.

    It initially lands on the questions tab.  This is where you can create the questions you hope to gather data for. The responses tab will appear here after you have shared the Google Form. If you are using Google Classroom, all the grading and responses can be viewed here or in a google spreadsheet per assignment.

    Screen image of the initial page of Google Forms showing the Question Tabs.

    Customizing Your Form

    Be sure to name your Untitled form so it can be identified. Every Google Form starts with one question and more can be added as needed by using the Question toolbar.

    Screen image of the form areas in google Forms.             Screen image of the question box in Google Forms     Screen Image of the Question Tool bar in google forms

    When working on a question, first make sure to check the drop-down and select the proper question type. In the ‘Untitled Question’ area, you will ask the question you want to be answered. Click the ‘option 1’ and/or ‘add option’ to create more responses. In the bottom right you will see a ‘required’, this forces the question to be completed before the form can be submitted. 

    The question toolbar allows you to create new questions on your Google form. It also allows you to make descriptions for grouping questions, add an image for students to respond to, embed videos that students can comment on, and create different sections of the quiz.