Using Data from a Sheet

  • To use data from inside your sheet, you have to create a function first. As an example: When entering a new function, you need to add a '=' before the function. It will request some data, use a comma to separate different pieces of information. If you want a response to be typed, use quotation marks around the response.  Once you have a '=' you can click the cell(s) you want to use to collect the data inside. You may also type the column and row numbers to collect data for your function.

    Screen image of cells within google sheets showing a function10

Reusing Functions

  • To use the same function in the same row/column, click the square in the bottom right corner of the cell and drag. You can also copy and paste the function, however, you may need to change the cell numbers inside the function.

    Screen Image of a cell with formatting in Google Sheets

Other Helpful Tips