File Tab

  • The file tab and options in google docs



    In the file tab, you find the 'share' button to collaborate with others. When sharing you will define with whom you will share and what their privileges will be. The file tab is where you create new documents or download the document your currently working on. If you go into 'Page setup' you can change the margins of your page. Print will be the last option in this tab.

Edit Tab

  • The editing tab includes features like 'Copy' and 'Paste', 'Undo' and 'Find and replace'. Think of the File Tab as your toolbox. 

    Screen image of the Edit Tab in Google docs.

Insert Tab

  • Screen image of the insert tab in google docs



    The Insert Tab allows you to create objects, like images, drawings, or tables, that you can include in your document. Formal elements like page numbers, headers/footers, page breaks, and special characters can be added here as well.

Format Tab

  • In the Format Tab, you can change your text style. You can also change how your words appear on the page.  Paragraph style will allow you to make a border or make your text Screen image of the format tab in google docs title/heading styles so your document can stay uniform.