Gmail Settings - Creating a Signature

  • Gmail Settings

    Settings allow you to customize your Gmail to assist with saving time, staying organzied, looking professional and much, much more!

    Shown here are some of the features offered in your Gmail settings. 

    Note: Some settings may vary in a business managed account like the one you use in the district compared to the settings you may have in a personal Gmail account.

    Creating a Signature

    A signature creates a professional look to your emails. It also provides contact information at the fingertips of your recipient.

    1. Open your Gmail
    2. Click on the Setting Gear icon
    3. Click on SettingsSettings
    4. Click on the General tab
    5. Scroll down to the Signature category
    6. Create your signature in the signature boxSignature box
    7. Formatting features are shown above the Signature box. Hover your mouse over them to see what each feature offers
    8. Once you have created your signature, scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and click on Save Changes

    Save Changes