Google Drive Layout

  • Finding Google Drive

    To open Google Drive you will need to launch the Chrome Browser. In the Apps Launcher (the 9 dots), choose Drive.

    Scrren image of the Google Apps Launcher  


    Drive Organizer

    To create a new document, click new. Documents you create will be located in My Drive. When people share documents with you, they will be located in the Shared With Me page within Google Drive. You can drag files from Shared With Me into My Drive. When you delete files they go into your trash but don't permanently get deleted until you empty your trash.

      Screen Image of the Driver organizer in Google Drive


    Files & File Options

    All of your files appear on the main page of your drive. When you create folders, you may drag files into folders so they don't show up on your main page to organize your documents. You can open the options for a file by right-clicking it. You can share the document with other editors with the share button. If you don't want the document anymore, select remove and it will be put in your trash folder.

    Screen imag eof the file structure in google drive        Screen image of the file options in google drive



    On the right side, above your folders/ file, you can find the customization area. You can change how your files are laid out by selecting the icon on the left. The middle icon will show your recent activity. The icon on the right will be your settings cog.

    Screen image of the personalization button in google drive