Class Stream Page

  • Google Classroom Steam Page  

    This is the default home screen in Google Classroom and where your class will primarily take place.

    #1 Main Menu

    You are able to view all of your classes from this section and switch between multiple classes. The main menu is also where you can see all of the assignments that need grading. If you set the assignments with due dates, you can review the calendar to see what assignments are scheduled and when they need to be complete.  Class settings are also located here.

    Google Classroom Main Menu

    #2 Class Stream

    Here you can see where all your assignments are posted and who has/hasn't done their assignment. When they complete the assignment you will see the assignments you need to grade in the work area in the upper left. You may also create topics to organize the assignments.

    Google Classroom Class Stream

    #3 Creating Assignments

    In the Create Assignment tab, you can create different resources for your class. These assignments can be set with due dates and can be graded. Resources (docs, forms, powerpoints) from your google drive can be attached for students to use.  Here you can also start a classroom discussion with the Create Question Tab or send an announcement to the entire class with the Create Announcement.

    When creating an assignment, add a title and instructions, due date, and an organizational topic. You can attach any list of resources from your google drive, network folders, links from online resources or youtube videos for your students to use. When it's complete click assign and everyone in the class will have it.

    Google Classroom Create Assignment Screen                                                                                               Google Classroom





    #4 Customizing Your Classroom Site

    The look of your classroom site can be customized. Different themes can be applied from the google selected themes. You can also upload your own photo to personalize your site.

    Google Classroom Changing Theme Page