Folder Maintenance & File Backup

  • Windows 10 file explorer and ths pc view










    Documents Folder

    Go into your ‘documents’, ‘downloads’, and ‘pictures’ folders.

    1. Find all the items you don't want and delete them.  You can do this by opening the file and deleting them or simply right click on the file and select delete.
    2. Highlight all of the documents you want to keep. Right click and copy the documents (or use the ‘ctrl + c’ function)  
    3. Paste them into your personal (U:) drive. You also have the option to drag your ‘Documents’, ‘Pictures’, and ‘Downloads’ folders into your (U:) drive. 


    Changing File View

    The folder may look different initially depending on how you had it set up. If you want to change the folder view from Thumbnails to Information view or vice versa, click the different view button in the bottom right-hand corner.

                                 Information View                                                                            

    Windows 10 File explorer information view
















                                         Thumbnail View

               Windows 10 Fil e explorer thumbnail view