Creating Shortcuts

  • Using Shortcut Wizard

    Windows 10 creating a shortcut




    1. To start creating a network shortcut right-click on the desktop. Hover over the new option and you will find the shortcut option. This will bring you into the shortcut wizard.








    Windows 10 Searching for application to create shortcut



    2. Unless you know the name of the folder you're looking for, click the browse to find the folder you want on your desktop. Also, note that you can paste a URL into the shortcut wizard and it will be a link to an internet browser.







    Windows 10 browsing for application of folder




    3. In this example, you would select the (U:) drive and hit OK. Then you should hit ‘Next’ to continue the process. You may put any folders or documents on your desktop however it is not recommended.


    4. Name the shortcut to whatever you want and click ‘Finish’. This will allow you to quickly access your folders directly from the desktop.