Signing In/ Out of Your Computer

  • Blue lockscreen with the STMA Knight and Shield logo.

     Wake Up

    When your screen is inactive (black) or showing the knights logo, hit any button on the keyboard or move the mouse to enter the login screen. If your monitor isn't working properly, the first step is to make sure the cables have not come loose. If you have a computer connected to a SmartBoard, you may need to turn that on to see if your login screen appears on the Smart Board.

    Due to resolution settings, teacher computers connected to smart boards will have black bars located on the sides of the screen.





    Blue Sign In Screen with Knight logo.

     Signing In

    When you arrive at the sign in page enter your STMA staff credentials and click the arrow by the password tab or hit ‘enter’. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you will find three icons. The icon on the left will indicate whether you have a network connection to that PC. If you have special visual or audio needs, you can use the quick access button in the middle to find a solution. The power icon on the left will allow you to restart or shutdown.






    Windows 10 tast bar Windows Menu

    To sign out you will need to locate the windows button located in the bottom left of your screen.


     Windows 10 showing the windows start menu Power and User Settings

     When you enter the windows menu there are two possible ways to sign out on your machine. Either using the 'power icon' tab or the 'user settings' tab

       Power Icon 

    The power option will give three options. ‘Sleep’ mode will lock your computer and will remember all the applications you have open when you sign back in. ‘Shut down’ will turn off power to the PC and all of the applications will be closed. ‘Restart’ is the same as a shutdown but it will bring you back to the login screen.

    User Settings Icon

    In the user settings icon, you can use the ‘sign out’ which will bring you to the main login page. This will close any application that is open. The ‘lock’ will shut your window and make you enter your credentials again. To sign in as another user you need to sign out.