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Media Minute Introduction: What is media anyway?

This video provides an introduction to various forms of media from traditional print, television and radio, to websites, online media and social networking.  Source:  Media Smarts

Digital Media Experiences Are Shaped by the Tools We Use | Digital Literacy 101

Digital media take on many forms. But the way it’s presented mirrors the biases and beliefs of its creators. Whether you’re playing an online game, browsing a technology forum, or surfing a social media app, your experiences are affected by conscious and unconscious decisions of a designer or programmer.  Source:  Media Smarts

Interactions Through Digital Media Can Have a Real Impact | Digital Literacy 101

Because digital media are so interactive, they can affect our behaviour, perceptions, beliefs -- and our feelings about the world around us. Even though it may not seem like it, our interactions through digital media can have a real impact on others. Source:  Media Smarts

"How to Break Up With Your Phone" author on practical ways to unplug

Catherine Price, author of "How to Break Up With Your Phone," joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why regaining our attention back from technology isn't about losing devices altogether. She shares some practical tips for those who are struggling to disconnect. Source:  CBS This Morning

Brainstorm Health 2019: How to Break Up With Your Phone I Fortune

Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you touch before bed? Do you love your phone but also kind of hate it? Science journalist Catherine Price explains how our phones and apps are designed to manipulate our biochemistry. Learn how to create a long-term and sustainable relationship with your phone. Catherine Price, Science Journalist and Author, How to Break Up With Your Phone  Source:  Fortune Magazine

Tip Sheets

10 Tiny Ways You Can Make the World a Better Place Today

Dealing with Digital Stress - Changing Habits and Attitudes

Dealing with Digital Stress - Making Time for Rest and Reflection

Dealing with Digital Stress - Tips for Time Management

Common Sense Education - Grades K-5 Family Tips - Help Kids Balance Their Media Lives

Common Sense Education - Grades 6-12 Family Tips - Help Kids Balance Their Media Lives

Mindful Gaming Tips

What Parents Need to Know About Screen Addictions