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Excess Student Insurance

Excess Student Accident Insurance Coverage

Parents/guardians can sign their children up for excess student accident insurance coverage for covered injuries related to school accidents. Several options are available including school time accident coverage, 24-hour accident coverage, football coverage, and dental coverage. The cost of the premium paid by the parents/guardians is based upon the coverage and benefit level. Parents/guardians can get information by visiting the K-12 Special Markets website.  When at the website, select “Enroll Now” and pick the state of Minnesota. From the list of all the schools that are enrolled in the Minnesota plan, select St. Michael-Albertville. Insurance may be purchased by entering the student and contact information and selecting the payment method. The insurance site provides insurance plan coverage details and lists an insurance agent for questions.

STMA school district does not provide medical coverage for school-related injuries due to an accident or for out of pocket expenses from family health insurance coverage. This accident insurance coverage is provided through Sentry Insurance Company as an option for parents/guardians to purchase.

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