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Policy Review Committee


The Policy Review Committee (PRC) is a multiple stakeholder group that meets annually over the course of 4 to 5 meetings to vet, research, and discuss district policies, including the adoption of new policies, on a 3-year cycle. The PRC issues recommendations to the school board for the inclusion, adoption, or exclusion of district policies. 


Pursuant to District Policy 208, the PRC was formed in 2017 to provide guidance to the school board about the adoption and maintenance of district policy. PRC members serve 3-year terms and include directors, principals, certified staff, support staff, union(s), coordinators, and other stakeholders. The committee is chaired by the director of administrative services who consults with district legal counsel and the Minnesota School Boards Association. The PRC reviews approximately one-third of district policies annually, including administrative recommendations, legislative or legal updates, and public comment or input. PRC meetings are open to the public and meetings may include public or community input as needed. PRC issues recommendations to the board annually (usually in the summer). 

2022-23 PRC Members

  • Douglas Birk - Director of Administrative Services - 5th year - (permanent)
  • Kaitlin Lanners - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent’s Office - 5th year (permanent)
  • Kris Crocker - Director of Business Services - 3rd year (permanent)
  • Carol Steffens - Board member
  • Hollee Saville - Board member  
  • Robert Zahler - President of EM-STMA / Teacher- 4th year (union)
  • Jason Bichler - Director of Buildings & Grounds (director) - 1st year    
  • John McDonald - Albertville Primary Principal - 3rd year (elementary principal)
  • Jennifer Kelly - Middle School East Principal - 3rd year (secondary principal)
  • Teri Johnson - Director of Teaching & Learning - 2nd year (director)
  • Lisa Becker - Kids Play Coordinator - 2nd year (Community Education)
  • Jamie Wiitala -  Director of Teaching & Learning - 2nd year (secondary assistant principal) 
  • Jason Bichler - Director of Buildings & Grounds (director) - 1st year 
  • Glen Ritter - Director of Food Service - 1st year
  • Trisha Decker - HR Generalist - 1st year (human resources)  
  • Jennifer Robinson - Certified Staff Member
  • Support Staff Member - TBD
  • Jamal Barfour- student
  • Aaron Eisen - parent
  • Abby Grinager - parent

2023 Meeting Dates

January 31 - 6:00pm
February 21 - 5:00pm
March 21 - 5:30pm
April 18 - 6:00pm
May 16 - 5:30 pm

All PRC meetings will be held in the Middle School West Staff Development Room unless otherwise noted.