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District Policies

STMA School Board policy informs the school community on a variety of issues ranging from school board operations to student conduct to investments and use of school district facilities and equipment.  The policies accomplish the following goals:

  • To provide guidance, continuity, and consistency in the decision-making process by the school board and administration;
  • To state “why” a school board wants a certain action to occur and state “what” the school board wants to accomplish through that action;
  • To give enough guidance to the administration to implement school board policy, yet enough flexibility to allow the administration to carry out the policy on a daily basis;
  • To provide boundaries within which the educational program can operate;
  • To achieve efficiency by not repeatedly discussing the same issues;
  • To reflect formally the school board’s authority to make rules and regulations, which have the force and effect of law; and
  • To provide a framework for the operation of the school district consistent with state and federal law.

Policies will change over time. The impetus for school board policy development or change may come from a variety of sources. It may be triggered because of a change in the law, a change in school district practice, or a change in school board philosophy. A number of school board policies are mandatory as state or federal law requires a policy, written procedure, or public notice on the issues addressed by the policy.

Questions about school board policies may be referred to the School Board Chair or superintendent.

The school policies can be viewed within the buttons above. Here you can view or download the policies from Google Drive. The school board and administration are currently reviewing and updating all of the district's School Board Policies. Policies that have been updated and approved by the school board are available above. If there is a policy you wish to view and it is not available on the website at this time, please call the district office at (763) 497-6504 for a copy.

The St. Michael-Albertville Public School District promotes accessibility and access for all employees and applicants. For ADA assistance on any documents or attachments within our website, please do not hesitate to reach out to Human Resources at (763) 497-6504 or