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School Board

STMA School Board


[back row] Drew Scherber, Kari Dwinnell, Travis Weber 
[front row] Hollee Saville, Carol Steffens, Tim Lewis

Our six-member board leads and serves the stakeholders of the STMA Schools. The Board assures that the St. Michael-Albertville School District offers educational opportunities to meet the community's values and that students continue to meet the educational results the community expects. These expectations are incorporated in the Board Policies and Strategic Plan.

Board members are elected at large for four-year terms. The superintendent serves as an ex-officio member of the board and is responsible for the implementation of board policies and directives.

School Board Meetings
School board meetings are open to the public, except those specifically permitted by law to be closed for discussion of identified issues. Meetings take place at 6:00 p.m. on the first and third Monday each month, with exceptions if a holiday falls on a Monday, then board session will be on Tuesday. Board meetings are held in the Board Room located at Middle School West.

As your elected representatives, School Board members welcome questions and conversations related to governing the School District. The School Board is a governing body that makes decisions through a majority vote of the Board. The School Board Chair, or designee, serves as the spokesperson for the Board.

The School Board delegates the administration and management of the School District to the Superintendent. Questions related to operational or management issues are best directed to the school personnel or district personnel closest to the area of concern. Classroom issues should first be directed to the classroom teacher. School issues should first be directed to the school principal. District issues should be directed to the administrator for the program or service involved. If the first-level of communication does not resolve the issue, the immediate supervisor, principal, or Superintendent should be the next contact. District administrators take pride in being available to students, parents, and community members.

We welcome your comments and questions for members of the St. Michael-Albertville School Board:

  • Email or phone -- Visit the Members page of our site for individual contact information.
  • Attend a School Board meeting -- Audience members not on the agenda are invited to address the school board at the beginning of every meeting. The school board retains the discretion to limit discussion to a reasonable period of time as determined by the school board. If a group or organization wishes to address the school board on a topic, the school board reserves the right to require designation of one or more representatives or spokespersons to speak on behalf of the group or organization.