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Secure and Lockdown Procedures

During an emergency, or threat of an emergency, school officials and law enforcement take specific, planned steps to keep students and staff safe. Emergency plans are confidential in order to ensure that they are not compromised. 

  1. School officials will work closely with law enforcement.
  2. Schools will go into either secure mode or lockdown mode.
    • Secure mode - occurs when there is a threat outside the building or there is a non-threatening circumstance when people need to be kept away from areas (e.g. medical emergency or disturbance). For schools that lock doors during the school day, the secure mode only adds the provision that no one can enter or exit the school.
    • Lockdown mode - usually occurs when there is a threat or intruder inside the building.
  3. School officials will make calls on the Blackboard (robocall) alert system and will post information on the school website.

We understand that parents and guardians may wish to take their children out of school during these times. Unfortunately, parents' desire to take their children may create situations that further complicate an emergency.

If you choose to come to school during an emergency, you will not have the kind of access to the school and your child to which you are accustomed. The following information is important:

  • We suggest that parents refrain from coming to a school during an emergency. We may close the school and parking lot to everyone except for police, emergency workers, and school officials.
  • The presence of additional people on or near school grounds makes it more difficult for police, emergency workers, and school staff to do their jobs. Parents who do come to school will have to wait in cars or outside the school until we are certain the situation is safe.
  • Until all students and the school building are safe and secure, we do not release students from our supervision.
  • If there is an evacuation from a school, all students will be moved to a secure, safe location away from the school under the supervision of teachers and administrative staff.
  • Because of the need to maintain order, school staff may not release your child even if you have told your child to leave. Your child is safer under the supervision of school staff than on his or her own.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones and landlines to call the school or your child, as this ties up the phone lines for emergency personnel handling the situation.

During a crisis, our district puts a priority on providing accurate, timely information as it becomes available. We will coordinate any release of information with law enforcement. However, it will not contain all the details of the incident and updates may not be frequent as district officials' priority will be ensuring the safety of the staff and children. To get information, you should monitor school and district web sites. You may also call the district office at 763-497-3180; however, telephone line capacity is limited and access may not be possible.