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Safety & Security

Student and staff safety is our #1 priority and responsibility here at STMA. We take this responsibility very seriously.

School safety is truly a community effort. Through extensive collaboration with law enforcement, district staff, city administrators, area school districts, and Homeland Security, we have developed a comprehensive plan that we confidently feel meets our high expectations for safety and security. The documents in this plan are regularly revisited and reviewed to ensure that we are always improving our practices and procedures.

In addition, we train our crisis response teams, constantly update our district emergency contact numbers, run scenario-specific drills, upgrade access points to buildings, verify that our nuclear emergency response plan is current, enhance security-related technology, comply with student data safety requirements, and respond to all safety and security concerns as we are made aware.

This is all done through collaboration and teamwork. 

While much of the plan cannot be shared with the public, we welcome you to familiarize yourself with the resources on this page.