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District Print Shop

Poster Printing

The Technology Department houses a large colored plotter printer to be used for large format printing for the classroom. Examples would be; posters, charts, maps, and banners. These print jobs would be for items larger than 17x11"

This color plotter has the ability to print up to 36” wide. The media (paper) we load on the plotter is generally a 36lb weight on a roll that is 36” wide x 100’ long. We try to utilize as much of the width of the paper when printing to save on waste.

If you would like a document printed on the plotter for your classroom, please follow these steps:

  • Email your document as an attachment to the Help Desk -
  • Documents formatted in Publisher are preferred or as a JPG image or a PDF
  • In the email; list the following pieces of information:
    • Size of poster needed with dimensions of inches wide x inches tall
    • Quantity of posters needed for each document
    • Date needed by (one week notice is preferred during the school year and a three-week notice for items needed by the start of the school year)

When creating a poster in Publisher

  • Create the poster "True to Size"- this helps eliminate picture or text distortion.
  • Do Not Use background colors- If you want a background shade, please use a text box with fill and layer behind your text or image.

Open Publisher

1. Click on "More Blank Pages"

2. Click on the "Posters" folder under Publication Types

3. Double Click on Poster size of choice OR Create a new size

4. Add text, text boxes, PDF's, Clip Art, borders, etc. (PDF's will need to be stretched.- Call Help Desk if you need assistance at EXT. 4357)

5. "Save As" 

6. Email your document as an attachment to










Where to Print






11 x 8 1/2






Send to Printshop






17 x 11



Ledger or Tabloid



Send to Printshop






22 x 17



Banner or Poster



Send to Helpdesk






34 x 22



Banner or Poster



Send to Helpdesk






44 x 34



Banner or Poster



Send to Helpdesk