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Earned Sick and Safe Time

Earned Sick and Safe Time

 Earned Sick and Safe Time (ESST) Overview

All employees are eligible for Earned Sick and Safe Time (ESST), effective January 1, 2024. For more information on when an employee is eligible for ESST and how to use it, please review the Department of Labor's ESST Overview poster and the district's Frequently Asked Questions document.

District employees shall utilize their allowance of sick and safe time when an absence is needed for their own self, an immediate family member, or a designated individual and is due to:  
●  Physical or mental illness or disability;  
●  Medical, dental or chiropractic treatment or preventative care;  
●  Closure of the school district due to weather or public emergency;  
●  Domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking of a family member; or  
●  Other  reasons  as  cited  in  Minnesota  Statute  sections  181.032  and  181.9445  to  181.9448. 

The district requires an ESST Designation Form to be completed to identify the individual that the employee would like to designate outside of their immediate family.

Requests for Approval of the Use of ESST

All salaried and hourly employees will log in to Skyward and select Earned Sick and Safe Time from the drop down menu to request the use of ESST to cover an absence that qualifies as listed above. Please follow these instructions to request time off in Skyward.
●  Teachers & Certified Staff
●  Custodial Staff
●  Paraprofessional Staff
●  Food Service Staff
●  Office Staff
●  Kids Play Supervisors & Staff
●  Principals & Administrators
●  District Office Staff
●  Long-Term Substitutes
●  Short-Term Support Staff Substitutes

All employees paid on a stipend, paid per event, or receive a daily rate of pay will complete the Earned Sick and Safe Time Off Request Form and submit the form to Ally Olinger in the Human Resources department at the District Office.
●  Coaches
●  Activity Workers
●  Substitute Teachers