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Seizure Response Training & Information

Seizure Response Action Plan and Resources

Effective for the 2022-23 school year and beyond, new Minnesota statutes require Minnesota public schools and charter schools to implement seizure action plans and training to meet the needs of students with a seizure disorder and who may need seizure rescue medication administration. The statute outlines the requirements when an enrolled student requires an individualized plan, how to recognize, respond, and provide medication for seizures. It also describes what is required to be included in the seizure action plan.

STMA District utilizes guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Health, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota to address the requirements of the statutes and meet the needs of our students who have a seizure disorder. Families are encouraged to reach out to the school nurse at their child’s school site for details or questions regarding seizure action plans.

Family Resources

For Staff: Self-Study Materials

Self-Study Materials

  • Seizure First Aid
  • Seizure Recognition and Response
  • Epilepsy in Children: The Teacher's Role

Seizure Smart Schools: Training On Demand for School Personnel