Our Buildings

  • About our District Grounds

    454 total acres including 22 baseball/softball fields, 22 football/soccer fields, 21 tennis courts, and 7 playgrounds


    About Our High School

    Performing Arts Center: 1,450 capacity
    Gymnasium 2,100 capacity
    Parking Lot: 1,062 capacity



Five-Year Facilities Plan

  • A Five-Year STMA Facilities Plan has been written for maintaining and repairing school buildings and grounds. The plan makes a commitment to keep district facilities in excellent condition and make prudent use of taxpayer resources. The school budget allocates $150,000 per year from the increase in the operating levy referendum to the facility plan as was the commitment approved by voters in Fall 2011. This commitment, added to the existing $150,000 per year from the Deferred Maintenance Budget, permits the district to spend $300,000 per year on facility maintenance and repair.


    Presentation of STMA Five-Year Facilities Plan in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Presentation format

    This presentation includes a five-year list of projects for each school using the $300,000 allocation per year. It also includes information on the Safe Schools Budget, Annual Building and Grounds Repair Budget, Supply Budget, and Bond Budget. The project list and budget will be reprioritized annually. Projects may be delayed while others completed earlier and new projects may be added.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Ann-Marie Foucault, Superintendent.


Contact Us

  • Director of Building and Grounds

    11343 50th Street NE, Albertville MN 55301

    Terry Zerwas
    Phone: 612-221-6601

    St. Michael-Albertville High School

    5800 Jamison Ave NE, St. Michael MN 55376

    Shane Kern, Day Lead
    Phone: 763-286-6553

    Mike Frank, Night Lead
    Phone: 763-647-4139 / 763-286-8515 / 763-286-8526

    St. Michael-Albertville Middle School East

    4862 Naber Ave NE, St. Michael MN 55376

    Gerald Bade, Day Lead
    Phone: 612-221-6604

    Josh Reyo, Night Lead
    Phone: 612-221-4148

    St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West

    11343 50th Street NE, Albertville MN 55301

    Paul Barthel, Day Lead
    Phone: 612-221-6603

    Rick Aulwes, Night Lead
    Phone: 612-221-5005

    Big Woods Elementary

    13470 Frankfort Parkway NE, St. Michael MN 55376

    Jackie Stellmach, Day Lead
    Phone: 612-328-5132

    Steve Blake, Night Lead
    Phone: 612-328-5132