District Advisory Committee (DAC)

  • The District Advisory Committee (DAC) is a committee composed of community members and educators who work together in a positive manner to improve the quality of education for STMA students. This committee, comprised of citizens, staff, and a student, meets four times per year. The purpose of the DAC is to encourage active participation in all phases of planning for the improvement of instruction, curriculum, and programming throughout the district. To express interest in serving on this committee, please submit a DAC Interest Indicator (see below) to the Director of Teaching and Learning.



    Tammy Beack Spring 2019
    Kathy Ellsworth Continuing
    Kinsey Essler Continuing
    Erin Frank Continuing
    Terese Gammell Continuing
    Natalie Harber-Welle Spring 2019
    Alyssa Haugen Continuing
    Jane Helgestad Continuing
    Paul Jeffrey Continuing
    Andy Kelley Continuing
    Kelly Olson Spring 2019
    Amanda Ranweiler Spring 2019
    Carla Pearson Spring 2019
    Hollee Saville Continuing
    Carol Steffens Continuing
    Mindy Swanson Continuing
    Kristin Tallarigo Spring 2019


    2018 - 2019 Meetings


    For more information, contact Teri Johnson, Director of Teaching and Learning, at Teri Johnson or 763-497-6531.