Welcome to ALP Knights Academy

  • Welcome to Knights Academy! Knights Academy is a great place to learn if you are ready and willing to take charge of your education and your future. We're glad you are taking this opportunity to start fresh and we promise to work together to make this a positive experience for you. 

    Benefits of Attending Knights Academy

    • Family like setting
    • Hands-on learning
    • Individualized learning
    • Relaxed atmosphere
    • Students have greater input
    • STMA Senior High Diploma

Our Mission Statement

  • Knights Academy exists to provide students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a supportive, safe, and motivating environment that encourages hands-on learning and active participation. We strive to prepare our students to be responsible citizens, objective thinkers, academic achievers, and life-long learners.

Our Six for Success

  • This is what it takes to be successful at Knights Academy:


    • Be here all day, every day.


    • Add positivity to the tone at school.

    3. RESPECT

    • Respect staff, students, and our school property.

    4. EFFORT

    • Be engaged and on task.


    • Be accountable for yourself and be willing to be held accountable.

    6. GROWTH

    • Set and reach goals for yourself and be willing to be challenged.
Wright County United Way
  • We are fortunate enough to partner with NW Family Counseling and Wright County United Way to provide weekly counseling classes to our ALP students.