Visitors & Volunteers

  • Visitors

    All visitors must check into the Albertville Primary office upon arrival.  You will be asked to sign in and wear a visitors badge while you are in the building.  This identification procedure is for the safety of all students and staff. Thank you for your cooperation.



    Pardon me, but do you have the time?

    If you do, then our school needs you! Volunteering is an excellent and rewarding way to get involved in our wonderful school community and work with our awesome principal, teachers, students, and staff. A background check is required to volunteer IN the building.


    Other Ways To Help

    Put food on the table and give us the label!

    • Our school participates in the General Mills "Box Tops for Education" program.
    • We also participate in the Kwik Trip Milk Moola program. Simply collect the caps and bag tops from specially marked Milk Moola products. This also includes the price oval from Glazers dozen or half dozen donuts.
    •  We also save pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Every year our school collects pop tabs and the class with the most pop tabs wins an extra recess time with our Phy. Ed. staff!! That's a big deal!

    Twice a year, our school holds a Scholastic Book Fair. This is a wonderful way to buy books for your friends and family. All proceeds go to support our school library!