STMA Community Service Requirement

  • STMA High School Community Service Mission Statement:

    To encourage and enhance student involvement in the community and develop a desire to help others while growing as an individual and a productive member of society.

    STMA Graduation Requirement

    To earn a diploma from St. Michael-Albertville High School, a student must complete a total of 4 community service hours through a minimum of 2 different activities for each year in attendance. This totals 16 service hours through a minimum of 8 activities for a standard freshman-to-senior high school career. Students who do not complete this requirement by the end of their senior year will not receive a diploma. Note the following guidelines:

    • Total of 4 (four) hours per year earned through 2 (two) activities for each year in attendance.
    • No more than 3 (three) hours will be granted to any 1 (one) activity.
    • Activity is defined as an acceptable service that is done in one day.
    • You cannot break one four-hour period on the same day into two different activities.
    • Students cannot earn more hours to “work ahead”, but can catch up for lost hours if fallen behind.


    Community Service - Work performed for others that is not for pay nor for a class grade. The goal of community service is to improve the community in which you live or another community that might need help.

    Activity -  One activity is assisting with an individual organization or event per day. Multiple activities may be earned in one day, but must be for separate organizations or events.

    School Year - School year begins the first day of summer to the last day of the following school year.

    Acceptable Activities

    • Community activities not for pay or a class grade
    • Community activities through school clubs, organizations, or church groups
    • Service in any community, even outside of the STMA school district
    • Non-Family individual assistance, such as babysitting, moving, painting, cleaning
    • Fundraisers assisting community groups

    Unacceptable Activities

    • Assisting a family member/relative
    • Assisting teachers, janitors or other school personnel in regular duties
    • Court-ordered community service hours
    • Activities related to a business for profit, or student/adult place of employment

    Earning Community Service Hours

    Students’ homeroom advisors will approve acceptable community service activity hours. If a student has questions as to whether an activity is acceptable, he/she should consult the homeroom advisor for pre-approval.

    Large Projects

    Large project activities (i.e. mission trips, Eagle Scout projects, multi-day activities) can be counted as 1 activity per day for a maximum of 3 hours per day. However, a large project can only count for a maximum total of 8 of the 16 hours needed for graduation.


    If you have any questions see your Homeroom teacher or contact Joe Peatrowsky, Science Teacher.