Search Tips

  •  Boolean Logic

    Using the word AND between two words or phrases finds pages with both words or phrases. (Ex. computers AND teaching; looks for both terms)

    Using the word OR between two words or phrases finds pages with at least one of the words or phrases (Ex. computers OR teaching; looks for at least one of the terms)

    Using NOT between two words or phrases finds pages with the desired word/phrase where the second word/phrase is not included (Ex. computers AND NOT teaching; looks for pages containing computers but not teaching)

    Search Results

    What does the URL (Uniform Resource Locator or address) say about the producer of the website? Look at the final syllable in the address of the website, it can tell you a lot about the website.

    • .gov - US Governmental Site
    • .net - Internet Service Provider
    • .com - Commercial Site (for-profit entity)
    • .edu - Higher Educational Site
    • .mil - US Military Site
    • .org - Non-Profit Organization (may be charitable, religious, or a lobbying group)
    • .us, .jp, .ru, .ca, .au, etc- Country Identifiers

    Other Tips

    To find all the pages that containing the variations of a word (Ex. child children, childhood, etc. type child*)

    To find pages containing an image or picture type, image: or picture: before the item, you are looking for ( Ex. image: butterfly or picture: butterfly)

    To find the selected keyword(s) in the title of a webpage type, title: and the word in quotations (Ex. "title: jazz")

    To exclude or include a certain type of host from the search put + or - and type "host:" and the host edu, com, org, or gov. (Ex. +host:edu will include educational sites)