School Social Worker

  • Erin Peterson is one of St. Michael Elementary’s school social workers. You can find her contact information, schedule, list of local counseling agencies, and books recommended for parents and children by visiting her website.

    Cathy Thomas is the school social worker at Big Woods and St. Michael Elementary schools. At St. Michael Elementary, Mrs. Thomas is available to work with any student with social, emotional and/or behavioral needs. She provides grade level and classroom presentations on topics like being kind and preventing bullying. She works together with staff and families to help students better manage emotions, build friendships and become independent problem solvers. Mrs. Thomas works on a 6 digital day schedule. She's at St. Michael Elementary on digital days 1 and 5, and at Big Woods on days 2, 3, 4 and 6. She accesses the same email and voicemail in both buildings. Her telephone number is 763-497-6500 ext. 6323. If you would like to meet in person, it's best to call or email to schedule an appointment. Mrs. Thomas has created a website with a list of local counseling agencies, and MANY resources; please visit her website.