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Technology Integration


Facilitate the integration of technology into curriculum and instructional practices district-wide; provide staff development, leadership, and support for the staff.  Implementation of technology equipment and technology tools with students and staff.  Communicate technology-related information to students, parents, and community members.


  • Manages Online Curriculum Resources
  • Assists in the Selections of Curriculum Materials using Technology
  • Supports Curriculum Adoption of Technology Resources
  • Supports and Implements SSO (Single Sign-On) for Online Curriculum Materials and Resources

Staff Development

  • Facilitates Technology Integration Training Sessions
  • Supports Technology Enhanced Lesson Development

Technology Integration

  • Leads Building Technology Integration Specialists with effective use and implementation of technology in the classrooms to increase student achievement

  • Teams with Instructional Coaches to Integrate technology in the classrooms
  • Coordinates sharing and curation of Technology Resources

Technology Department

  • Coordinates with the Technology Department to communicate the technology needs of all staff and students and assist with the implementation and effective use of the technology resources available
The Word Integration spelled out on colorful blocks over a world map.

Sandi Ferris
Curriculum Technology Integration Coordinator
763-497-3180 Ext 5168