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Staff Development

STMA District Staff Development

The District Staff Development Committee is charged with structuring district-wide professional development intending to improve instruction and ultimately student achievement. This committee, comprised of teacher representatives from each school site, the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Curriculum Technology Integration and Q-Comp Coordinators,  non-certified staff members, and a school principal, develop district staff development goals that align with the district’s strategic directions. Subsequently, individual site teams draft school improvement plans, write SMART goals, and prepare building staff development action plans in a concerted effort to carry out the district’s mission of providing a safe environment where students develop lifelong learning skills that nurture positve attitudes and self-worth.

District 885 Vision

STMA Schools will be the pride of our community, educating the whole student, with excellence in academics, arts, activities, and athletics through the empowerment of a world-class staff.

Staff Development Logo

STMA Strategic Directions

To achieve its mission and attain its vision, District 885 will:

  • Engage in continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Engage in continuous improvement of student support systems and programs.
  • Cultivate family and community connections and increase advocacy in support of the district mission.
  • Align people and organizational resources to sustain district success.

Staff Development Goals

Strategic Direction A

Engage in Continuous Improvement of Teaching & Learning

Student Achievement Goal: During the academic school year, students will achieve measurable academic growth.

Staff Development Goal: Staff will increase cultural awareness to promote the academic growth and engagement of all students.

Strategic Direction B

Engage in Continuous Improvement of Student Support Systems and Programs

Student Achievement Goal: Students will have access to a safe environment which provides appropriate academic and social-emotional support.

Staff Development Goal: Staff will recognize and support student needs in an effort to provide equitable educational/social-emotional support for all students.

Strategic Direction C

Cultivate Family/Community Connections and Increase Advocacy in Support of District Mission

Student Achievement Goal: Student achievement will be increased through partnerships, communications, and accountability among families, students, staff and community.

Staff Development Goal: STMA Schools will continue to expand strong family/school/community relationships.

If you have questions, please contact Jamie Wiitala Director of Teaching & Learning at 763-497-6582

Staff Development Library

Staff Development District Library

STMA Staff Development Library includes a spreadsheet with Books, DVD's & Videos, and Magazines available to district employees.

To check out resources, contact Priscilla DeSpiegelaere, at 763-497-3180 ext 5300.