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The St. Michael-Albertville School District 885 Mentorship program provides guidance and support for teachers new to our district.  

Our mission is to improve the quality of instruction and student learning through mentoring relationships by providing experiences that foster the professional and personal growth of educators. 

Program Goals

  • Address the needs and concerns of educators new to the district
  • Improve professional practice and increase student achievement
  • Familiarize new educators with the norms and expectations of the school, district, and their profession
  • Promote and support professional well-being and career development
  • Increase the retention of all educators within the district
  • Expose educators to best practice strategies for improvement of student achievement

Probationary educators participate in three years of professional development and mentorship activities as described below.

Year 1

New Teacher Workshop Days in August provide teachers with important district-level information ranging from instructional support to health care benefits.

New teachers are assigned a colleague who serves as a mentor and coach during the first year. Regular monthly meetings will be scheduled.

New teachers attend four Professional Development Support Sessions facilitated by the District Mentorship Coordinator.

New teachers receive support at a building-level with Site Mentorship Representatives.

Year 2

Probationary teachers  participate in one peer observation including a post reflection with the Site Mentorship Representative or District Mentorship Coordinator.

Probationary teachers attend three Professional Development Support Sessions facilitated by the District Mentorship Coordinator.

Probationary teachers continue to receive support at a building-level with Site Mentorship Representatives.

Year 3

Probationary teachers  participate in three Professional Development Support Sessions facilitated by the District Mentorship Coordinator. 

Probationary teachers continue to receive support from the District Mentorship Coordinator. 

Mentorship Team

Curriculum & Mentorship Coordinator - Molly Jerpseth

Site Mentorship Representatives

The Site Mentorship Representatives support the mentors across the district as they guide new educators in their professional development.