• Registration Questions


    What do I do if I don’t have a ParentVue account?

    Contact Sunday Kloncz at sundayk@mystma.org to get an activation key to set up your account.

    What if I already have a ParentVue account?

    Beginning January 3rd, 2022, you may log in to your account and begin a New Student Enrollment. Your student must be set up in our student information system/your ParentVue account prior to beginning the registration process. Contact Sunday Kloncz at sundayk@mystma.org if you do not see your kindergartener in your ParentVue account.

    Is there a deadline to register for kindergarten?

    To receive your invitation to our Spring Open House event, we need your registration by April 22, 2022. This will also enable us effectively plan for staffing needs for the 2022-2023 school year.

    What do I do if my kindergartener will not be attending Albertville Primary?

    If your child will not be attending Albertville Primary, please contact Karen Sorensen at register4kdgn@mystma.org, or complete the Non-Attendance Form and return it to that same email address or to the Primary School. This is essential for helping us determine accurate enrollment numbers to plan effectively for our upcoming school year.

    Once I register online, will the registration process be complete?

                    No ~

    1. Additional documents will be required if you didn’t upload them during the online registration:

                                                    Birth Certificate

                                                    Proof of Address

                                                    Immunization Record

                                                    Court/Custody documents (if applicable)

                                                    IEP (if applicable)


    1. Early Child Screening is required before entering kindergarten. Available screening dates and more information can be found online at https://stma.ce.eleyo.com, or by contacting Jane Helgestad at 763-497-6512, or via email at ecscreening@mystma.org.


    1. Immunization records must be up-to-date for kindergarten entrance and must be on file before the first day of school.

    What do I do if I live outside the St. Michael Albertville school district and want to register for kindergarten?

    1. Complete the Open Enrollment process found on the Open Enrollment Page of the District website.
    2. Contact Sunday Kloncz (sundayk@mystma.org) to receive an activation key to create your ParentVue, which is required to be able to complete the online registration.


    Miscellaneous Questions

    Is my child eligible for Kindergarten?
    To be eligible for the 2021 - 2022 school year, your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2021. For the 2022 - 2023 school year, your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2022. 

    My child will not be five until after September 1.  Can she/he still attend kindergarten?
    See STMA's "Kindergarten Early Admission" Policy (school board policy #550) on the STMA website or call the Primary office for more information.

    What will a typical day look like?
    The kindergarten day will have numerous opportunities to develop students' cognitive, social, and emotional skills. All Students will have a morning meeting and choice time. A strong emphasis will be placed on language arts and math. Students will also have science, social studies, and health. Specials include PE (3x/6 days), music (2x/6 days), art (1x/6 days), media (1x/6 days), S.M.A.R.T. (1x/6 days), and computer (1x/6 days). In addition, students will have a daily lunch period, a milk/snack break, and a 30-minute recess.

    What are the hours for kindergarten?
    Kindergarten is 7:45 - 2:00 pm. If students do not ride the bus they may be dropped off after 7:20 am. Students need to be in their rooms by the last bell which is 7:45 am. Please do not drop children off at the last minute as they need time to get to their rooms and unpack before the last bell rings.

    Is childcare (Kid's Play) offered before and after school?
    Kid's Play is the district before and after school childcare. Kid's Play is available at the Community Education (CE) building starting at 6:00 am. Kindergarten students are bussed to the Primary from CE in the morning. Kid's Play is after school at the Primary School starting from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM. For more information contact Lisa Becker, Kid's Play coordinator, at 763-497-6550 x5513.

    My child currently has an IEP in preschool; what process do I follow so services are seamless?
    Drop off or mail a copy of your child's IEP to the Primary office. A special education staff member will contact you after reviewing the IEP.

    I am not sure if my child is ready for kindergarten.  How can I tell?
    All students who are five on or before September 1, are eligible to attend kindergarten. Factors that affect kindergarten readiness include birthdate, gender, and attendance at a preschool.  Parents are the best judge of whether their child is ready for kindergarten.  

    My child can already read.  How will you meet his/her needs?
    All kindergarten teachers are trained in differentiation and work with students in individual or small groups at their level. Students are benchmarked as soon as possible and are placed in flexible groups based on their instructional reading level. Students move between groups as they progress throughout the year. Research indicates students are best identified for high potential programming in third grade.

    Can I drive my child to school? Parents are encouraged to have their children ride the bus. However, parents can drop their child off at the school via the "drop off lane" (West parking lot and the lane closest to the building along the curb). A staff member will open your vehicle door and your child enter the building.  

    Can my child go home different ways on certain days of the week?
    The safety of your child is our number one priority. Consistency is the key to ensuring the safety of your child. Going home one way is strongly encouraged. Each time your child is not going home in the usual manner, parents or guardians must contact the teacher regarding the change. If there is no contact, the child will be sent home in the usual manner.

    When do students receive their teacher assignment and supply list?
    The current supply list is on the Primary website. An updated supply list for next year's kindergarteners will be posted as soon as it is known. Teacher assignment letters are mailed in early August.

    What is the typical class size in kindergarten?
    Our goal is to have class sizes of approximately 20-21. At this time our class sizes are 24 - 27. Class size is dependent on budget and student enrollment.

    What is ParentVue?
    ParentVue is a communication tool that allows parents to check attendance, grades, discipline, library records, and health records via the internet. ParentVue login information will be made available to parents with their kindergarten teacher assignment in August.

    Can parents volunteer in classrooms?
    Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer! Teachers generally invite parents to volunteer after the first six weeks of school when routines have been established. For the safety of students and staff, all volunteers are required to complete and pay for district background checks.

    How do I get a background check so I can volunteer or go on field trips?
    STMA requires a one-time background check, completed by St. Michael-Albertville School District for classroom volunteers and chaperones. Background checks cost $15. Information will be kept confidential. The background checks and the results follow your child through their STMA educational career, so once you have been approved, you will be cleared to volunteer in the future. To start the process, send an email with your full name, email address, and phone number to welcome@mystma.org. You will receive an email from the district office with a link to Trusted Employees, the district's background check company. If you do not have access to a computer or credit card, please contact the district office at 763-497-3180 x5180.

    Health Questions

    Does my child need to receive immunizations to attend kindergarten?
    To protect children from specific communicable diseases, each student must provide proof that the immunization schedule has been completed or is in process. Students who are not in compliance with the law by the first day of school will be excluded from school.

    No student is required to receive an immunization if he/she has a medical contraindication or that laboratory evidence of immunity exists. No student is required to have an immunization that is contrary to the conscientiously held beliefs of his/her parent or guardian.

    • Medical exemptions must be signed by a health care provider.  
    • Conscientious exemptions must be signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.  

    Do I need to write the dates in the boxes of the Student Immunization Form?
    If you have a copy of your child's immunization record from the clinic, you can submit a copy of that and you do not need to write the dates in the boxes.

    Does the Student Immunization form need to be signed?
    Yes, If your child has received all of the immunizations required for kindergarten entrance, you can sign the form (1_A on the back of the Student Immunization form); or it can be signed by a physician or clinic employee (1-A on the back of the Student Immunization Form). If your child has not received all of the immunizations required for kindergarten entrance, a physician or clinic employee must sign the form (1_A on the back of the Student Immunization Form).

    Do I need to provide the month, day, and year for each immunization?
    Yes. The Minnesota Immunization Law requires the month, day, and year for each immunization reported.

    There are two boxes for the Varicella vaccine, should my child have received two Varicella vaccines?
    Yes, unless your child has had chickenpox disease.

    If my child has had chickenpox disease, does he/she still need the Varicella vaccine?
    No. If your child has had chickenpox disease, his/her physician must write the year he/she had chickenpox, sign, and date the history of varicella disease section of the Student Immunization form (2-A on the back of the Student Immunization Form).

    If my child's birthday isn't until July or August, should I wait until then to make an appointment for his/her Kindergarten immunizations?
    No. Clinics only make a limited number of well-child appointments per day and they are very busy in July and August with kindergarten physicals and sports physicals. Children can receive their kindergarten immunizations prior to their 5th birthday.

    Is a physical required?
    The parent portion (the front side of the History and Physical Examination Form) is required. The physician is not required; it is however recommended.  If your child has already received all of his/her immunizations for kindergarten entrance, submit the form without the physical portion completed. If your child has not received all of his/her immunizations for kindergarten entrance, please bring the form with you to your child's immunization appointment and ask the physician to complete it. If your clinic provides you with a different physical form, that is fine.  If your child receives his/her immunizations from Public Health or the Minute Clinic, you do need to make a separate physician appointment for the physical form.

    When should I submit the Pupil Immunization Record to the school?
    As soon as your child has received all of his/ her kindergarten immunizations. We must receive the Pupil Immunization Record by August 11.

    Does my child need to complete Early Childhood Screening?
    Minnesota law requires all children to complete Early Childhood Screening before entering Kindergarten (unless the parent conscientiously objects to the screening). It is done before the child's 4th birthday. For more information about Early Childhood Screening, follow this link.

    My child has a chronic health condition, how will it be managed at school?
    Please contact our district nurse, at 612-221-3141 to discuss your child's chronic condition.  A questionnaire will be sent to you regarding your child's chronic condition, and a specific health care plan will be developed for your child.

    Transportation Questions

    Why does my child have to transfer from one bus to another?
    The bus that picks up in your area is picking up students from multiple schools.  In order to arrive at the school on time, some buses transfer their students to another bus at one of the elementary schools. At the end of the day, not all of the buses can pick up at the Primary and Parish schools.  The buses that do pick up students at these schools proceed to one of the elementary schools and transfer the students to the appropriate buses. The majority of students do not have to transfer but those who do will transfer to and from the same buses every day.

    If my child has to transfer, how will they find the right bus?
    If a bus has students transfer, it will park near the bus that it is transferring students to. The students that are transferring are allowed off of the bus first and walk in a line to the next bus.  The bus driver watches to make sure that all of their students board the second bus. The elementary schools also have staff members outside who monitor the loading and unloading of students.

    If my child is having problems with the other children on the bus, what should I do?
    If an incident occurs on the bus, encourage your child to inform the bus driver. If it is an immediate concern, please call the bus company so that they can investigate the situation and take appropriate action.

    Breakfast & Lunch Questions

    Is breakfast provided?

    Breakfast is provided free of charge to all students. Breakfast is served from 7:20 - 7:40 daily. 

    What is MySchoolBucks?
    MySchoolBucks is a convenient and secure online payment service. MySchoolBucks allows you to deposit money at no charge directly into your student's lunch account and also view balance/purchase information for the past ninety days. You can also set up email reminders when your student's balances become low. Online payments are credited to the account within the hour they were made unless they are made during the meal service time.  If made during meal service time their account will then be credited after meal service is done.  More information regarding the MySchoolBucks system may be found on the district website. Directions to set up your account will be mailed in August along with your child's student ID.

    How do I put money in my child's lunch account?
    Parents are encouraged to use MySchoolBucks to deposit money into their child's lunch account. Lunches can also be paid via cash or check. Money and checks should be placed in a sealed envelope and labeled with your child's full name, student ID number, teacher's name, and the purpose for which the money is being sent.

    What is an Application for Educational Benefits (Free & Reduced Application)?
    If you are at or below the current income eligibility guidelines you are encouraged to fill out an Application for Educational Benefits. Your family may be eligible for free lunches. You can apply anytime during the school year.

    How do I get a Free and Reduced Application?
    Free and reduced applications can be found by following this link. 

     If there isn't any money in my child's account can she/he charge a lunch?
    Charging is not permitted. School District 885 Policy #730 states that "Students will not be allowed to charge a meal at any time." Students, parents or guardians in grades K-12 will be contacted via phone, letter, or email when their lunch account balance is $5.00 or less. If a students' account balance is at $0.00 or a negative balance, they will be offered a cheese sandwich, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, and milk.  Lunch transactions and balances may be viewed in MySchoolBucks under the Food & Nutrition section of the district website.

    What if my child does not drink milk?
    Requests for soy, water, juice (fruit or vegetable), etc. will not be provided because they do not meet the nutritional guidelines established by the USDA.

    What if my child is lactose intolerant?
    As a school district, we provide lactose-free milk to students who are lactose intolerant. A doctor's note is not required. If you would like your child to receive lactose-reduced milk, please reach out to our districts Food Service Coordinator at 763-497-3180 x4370

    What if my child has a life-threatening food allergy?
    Please call our District Nurse, at 612-221-3141, for more information.

    Can my child bring a bag lunch to school?
    Yes! Of course, your child can bring a lunch from home. Students can also purchase milk (white or chocolate) separately.  Students are encouraged to bring healthy lunches if they are bringing one from home.

    Does my child have a snack break?
    All students have a daily snack and milk break. White milk is provided daily by the school district for kindergartners. Students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks such as crackers, fruits, or vegetables.

    Where do I get a copy of the school lunch menu?
    Lunch menus are posted on our school website under School Menus.

    Can I eat a hot lunch with my child?
    Yes! We enjoy having guests! You can bring in a special meal or you can eat a hot school lunch with your child. Please notify the school before 8:00 AM the day of the visit at 763-497-2688.