Elementary (K-4) Boundaries

  • There are four elementary-level schools in the STMA district. One school, Albertville Primary, is dedicated to only kindergarten students. Enrollment at the other three elementary schools, grades 1 through 4, is determined by three regions within the district boundary.

    The parent's home residence, not a daycare, will determine which elementary school he/she is assigned. Buses will not cross boundaries to transport students in grades 1-5 to or from daycare. The parent resident address is considered the student's address, which determines the attendance boundary unless the student is in a court-ordered residence other than the parent's residence.

    Albertville Primary

    All kindergarten students will attend the Albertville Primary. 

    Big Woods Elementary

    Students living east of Co. Rd. 19 (LaBeaux) and north of State Hwy 241 and east of MacIver Ave NE.

    Fieldstone Elementary

    Students living west of Co. Rd. 19 (LaBeaux) to the intersection of Co. Rds. 19 and 35 (stoplight), and students living in the portion north of Co. Rd. 35 (approx. one block) and continuing on Co. Rd 119 (45th St.) to the western boundary.

    St. Michael Elementary

    Students living south of Co. Rd. 119 (45th St.) and continuing south of Co. Rd. 35 and south of State Hwy 241 to the west side of MacIver Ave NE and students living on 39th St. and McIver south of 241.

    Elementary Boundary Map