• Are you an STMA student who is couch surfing with friends? Did you get kicked out of your home? If so, this may qualify as experiencing homelessness. You don't need to face this challenge on your own. There are people in your school who want to make sure you have access to free meals, bussing, and school stability. 

    The most important step you can take is by contacting your School Counselor/Homeless Liaison. They want to help you! They can connect you with resources such as:

    • Meals
    • Bussing
    • Clothing
    • Winter jacket/hat/mittens
    • Food
    • School supplies
    • Lost books
    • Hygiene needs

    Contacting your liaison is as easy as clicking their email link below.

    Middle School East: David Holler davidh@mystma.org

    Middle School West: LJ Jennissen lynnj@mystma.org

    High School A-E: Angela Narducci angelan@mystma.org

    High School F-La: TBD

    High School Le-Rh: Rachel Dayton rachelda@mystma.org

    High School Ri-Z: Kinsey Essler kinseye@mystma.org

    Knights' Academy: Mark Jansen markja@mystma.org


  • Unaccompanied Youth

  • As an Unaccompanied Youth, you have rights. You have the right to:

    • Receive a free education
    • Enroll in school immediately
    • Have a say in either staying in your school of origin or switching to the school where you are currently living
    • Receive free transportation to and from school
    • Free meals at school

    Additionally, your counselor/homeless liaison will also help you with meals for evenings and weekends, clothing, hygiene products, and more.