District Mission

  • The mission of District 885 is to provide a safe educational environment where students are encouraged to develop lifelong learning skills that nurture positive attitudes and self-worth.

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    STMA's Equity Vision

    STMA will eliminate racial predictors of student success.


    STMA's Equity Mission     

    We will:

    • Come to a deeper understanding of the impact of race and racism personally, on our educational systems, and on our broader society as Americans.
    • Develop racial equity leadership capacity across our system.


    This will lead to:

    • Transformation of expectations and systems. 
    • The fostering of student success.
    • The creation and sustaining of high-quality programming.
    • An environment in which ALL students can thrive. 

10 Minnesota Commitments to Equity

  • Creating equitable opportunities is dependent upon having inclusive policies and practices that represent all students, and providing each student increased access to and creating meaningful participation in high-quality learning experiences where each student realizes positive outcomes.

    1. Prioritize equity: Set and communicate a vision and targets for high outcomes for all students.
    2. Start from Within: Focus on leadership, diversity, and inclusiveness.
    3. Measure what matters: Use relevant and meaningful data.  Hold each other accountable for equity.
    4. Go local: Engage and develop leaders at all levels.  Empower community partners in continuous improvement work.
    5. Follow the money: Allocate resources to learners who need them most.
    6. Start early: Invest in families and learners who need them most.
    7. Monitor equitable implementation of standards: Improve the quality of curriculum and instruction for all students.
    8. Value people: Focus on teachers and leaders.  Develop the people you have.  Ensure equitable access to the best teachers.
    9. Improve conditions for learning: Focus on school culture, climate, and social-emotional development.  Connect teaching to the experiences, assets, and needs of students.
    10. Give students options: Empower students with high-quality options to support every learner's success.

    Adapted from the Council for Chief State Officers. Florida Department of Education and the Midwest & 7Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center).
    Revised July 25, 2018

    Racial Equity work in STMA is driven by the Mission of the district as well as the Minnesota Department of Education's Ten Commitments to Equity (above).

Contact Us

  • For additional information about our district Racial Equity work, contact:

    Teri Johnson, Director of Teaching and Learning                               Dr. Amy Larkin, Manager of Special Services

    terij@mystma.org                                                                                           amylar@mystma.org