• Update:  June 4, 2020

    Senior Parents,

    The Graduation Commencement Ceremony will be presented on Friday, June 5th at 7:00 PM.  The ceremony will be preceded by our Local Scholarship presentation at 6:00 PM.  Both of these events will be presented through the YouTube link below.  Once in the site, you will have a chance to subscribe to be notified or use the direct link on Friday. 


    Ceremony Programs - We will be sending three programs in the mail when we send the diplomas home next week.  If your senior has received a local scholarship, you will receive two programs for this event as well.    

    We look forward to sharing Graduation Night with you on Friday evening.

    Thank you!

    Update:  May 20, 2020
    Thanks to our senior class and parents for participating in yesterday's cap and gown distribution. On Friday, June 5th at 7:00 PM we will be sharing many of the photos and videotaped footage within our virtual graduation.  Please read the following information carefully as it pertains a number of key informational points to keep in mind as we finish the school year.  For some of you, action may be required.  
    Diplomas are typically given out after the graduation ceremony.  The requirements for receiving a diploma from STMA High School include completing all academic requirements set forth by the State of Minnesota as well our school board.  Furthermore, all seniors will need to complete 12 hours of community service.  Both of those requirements need to be completed by June 5th.  
    We have 10 days left.  Please reach out to teachers and counselors if you feel like you are in jeopardy of passing a class.  It is important to make the academic push at this time and finish strong.  
    Community Service: 
    We are still missing many community service hours from our seniors.  Please contact Julie Davis at julied@mystma.org.  She has sent out messages to many regarding community service.  Students will not receive their diploma until the hours are completed.  
    Military Recognition:
    Many of our seniors have enlisted in the military. I have requested names throughout the school year.  If you have not emailed me within the last 30 days regarding your senior entering the military, please email me, Bob Driver at robertd@mystma.org by May 25th.  Seniors, thank you for your service!
    PSEO Students:
    If you are completing your AA Degree at the end of this spring semester 2020, please contact me.  To be recognized, have your college student advisor email me to verify your completion.  
    Senior Appreciation Day:  
    Traditionally, the school board approves Senior Appreciation Day on the Friday prior to Memorial Weekend.  On Monday, they recognized our seniors and we will have Senior Appreciation this Friday, May 22nd.  Seniors are excused from their work on Friday; although, if seniors are needing extra time to work on their teachers, our teachers will be available. 
    Photos from Cap and Gown Distribution:
    Thank you Tim Bykowski!  Downloadable photos can be found on the following email address: 

    Update:  May 12, 2020


    Cap and Gown Distribution Plan:  

    Tuesday, May 19th from 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM


    Seniors and Parents:

    After reviewing the current guidelines, talking with our senior student council members and talking with our district leaders, we have made the decision to incorporate a diploma/photo opportunity during our cap and gown pick-up.  Furthermore, we have heard from many of you that you would like to see your son or daughter dressed in their cap and gown for a photo for graduation.  During this event, seniors will have the opportunity to put on their cap and gown, walk across a stage,  and have their picture taken with their diploma cover in front of a STMA backdrop in front of the school.  Families will have an opportunity to view this event from their car as they pull up in front of the backdrop (logistics below).  We will then incorporate these photos in our virtual graduation on the evening of June 5th.    

    We understand that this event will not replicate the traditional graduation experience, but we are trying to create the graduation experience (the diploma moment) that the students have identified as the most important piece of the ceremony.  Below is a detailed outline for the distribution day.  

    On the day of distribution, we will have a few check-in stations for the graduates and their families to follow.  The school will provide traffic guides to help with the process.  


    It is important to understand that we need to abide by the guidelines of the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Health.  Please note that only the graduate can leave the vehicle.  All other passengers must remain in the vehicle at all times while on the high school campus.  


    Station One:  We are limiting each graduate to one vehicle.  When you arrive at school, you will enter the parking lot through the second driveway (middle driveway).  Once you enter, you will be assigned a number and you will park in a designated spot on the west side of the parking lot.  When your assigned time arrives, you will be guided to station two.  

    Station Two:  Each vehicle will be escorted behind the high school to Doors J and K.  At this station, you will receive your cap and gown curbside.  Please hold your paper label up for the staff to visibly see your name and assigned number.  Each gown will have been ironed/steamed for a more formal presentation.  Thank you support staff!  We will ask that the senior put on his/her cap and gown before re-entering the car.  Once back in the car, you will be directed to follow the signs around the school to station three.

    Station Three:  Station three will be the staging area until you are directed to the diploma/photo station.  Again, please remain in your car throughout this process.  The graduate is the only person that should leave the car.  

    Station Four:  At this station, the graduate will exit their car and pick up a diploma from the diploma holder.  At this station, families are allowed to take pictures from their car.  The school will also provide a photographer to take the picture for the program.  It is important at this station for all family members to remain in the car.  Again, we need to follow the guidelines set in place.  Each graduate will have a couple minutes to have their picture taken in front of the backdrop and receive congratulations from the administration and district personnel.     


    When you enter back into your vehicle, you will be asked to leave the parking lot through the exit closer to the stoplight on 50th Street.     

    If you are unable to attend during the designated time, please contact Emily Northenscold at emilyno@mystma.org for an alternative time.  

    Our plan is to still present our virtual graduation on Friday, June 5th at 7:00 PM.  During the ceremony we will honor the Class of 2020 through a variety of recognitions.  More information regarding the June 5th commencement to follow.     

    Tuesday, May 19th   From 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM / 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM   


    A: 20 8:30 AM 

    B: 47 8:50 AM 

    C: 28 9:40 AM 

    D: 21 10:10 AM 

    E: 16 10:30 AM 

    F: 20 10:45 AM 

    G: 18 1:00 PM 

    H: 23 1:15 PM 

    I: 2 1:40 PM 

    J: 21 1:50 PM 

    K: 26 2:10 PM 

    L:  28 2:40 PM 

    M: 38 3:10 PM 

    N: 15 3:50 PM

    O: 14 4:05 PM

    P: 30 4:20 PM


    R: 30 4:50 PM

    S: 44 5:20 PM

    T: 13 6:05 PM

    U: 1 6:20 PM

    V:  10 6:25 PM

    W: 22 6:35 PM


    Y: 4 7:00 PM

    Z: 3 7:00 PM