• Important information regarding BYU Independent Study/Online Classes:

    Based on BYU Independent Study not being on the MDE online provider list they will no longer be transferable to STMA High School.  Credits will be grandfathered in until the end of school year 2019-2020.  No credits from BYU will be accepted beyond June 5th, 2020.  **Due to the closures of schools due to COVID-19, we are extending our acceptance of credits to July 1st, 2020.**


    Online Information

    Students may choose to take an online course or courses during their enrollment at STMA.  There are many factors and policies that a student and parent should be aware of before enrolling in an online class.  Please see the below information to help answer questions.

    STMA does not provide online classes.  Students will register in an online program separate from STMA.  These courses are not following STMA curriculum. The online institution needs to be accredited.  Please use the link below to find a list of all approved providers:

        MDE Online List

         *Most STMA students use Northern Star Online because they offer a trimester schedule.

    Enrollment during the school year

    Students may take up to two online classes per trimester through an online provider to remain an STMA student working toward an STMA diploma.  Students will earn a grade in the course. That grade will be transcribed on their STMA transcript. STMA schedules are not guaranteed to reflect the student’s requests for specific hours.  

    Course Selection

    Students may choose what classes they want to take through an online school.  Typically classes will have a similar course title.

    Next Steps

    Students will need to obtain an STMA Online Contract/Registration form from their School Counselor if wishing to enroll in a class during the school year.  A parent signature is required. This form outlines additional policies for taking an online class and assists in tracking the classes throughout the year.  After the form is returned, it is the student/parent’s responsibility to register for the online courses. Any questions about the courses or registration should be directed to the online provider.