• Important information regarding BYU Independent Study/Online Classes:

    Based on BYU Independent Study not being on the MDE online provider list they will no longer be transferable to STMA High School.  Credits will be grandfathered in until the end of school year 2019-2020.  No credits from BYU will be accepted beyond June 5th, 2020.  **Due to the closures of schools due to COVID-19, we are extending our acceptance of credits to July 1st, 2020.**


    Online Information


    Additional online learning options can be found on the MN Department of Education (MDE) website.  Click here to get a list of other approved online providers.



    STMA Online Contract

    Any student taking an online class through STMA or an outside institution (i.e. Northern Star Online) must complete this form and turn in to their counselor.