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  • Printshop

    Posted by Help Desk on 12/2/2019

    Have you ever run into issues sending jobs to the print shop? Most of the issues stem from problems with the print messenger. This week’s tech tip will walk you through how to uninstall and reinstall the print messenger on your computer. The full step by step process can be found here. STMA Tech Tip of the week  

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  • G Suite Learning Center

    Posted by Help Desk on 12/2/2019

    Looking for more help with Gmail? Want some supplemental learning to help with making the switch? Check out the newly updated G Suite Learning Center!

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  • Gmail Quarantine

    Posted by Help Desk on 12/2/2019


    With the move to Gmail, we now have greater control over the junk and malicious emails that are sent to District Staff and Students. One of such controls is to send any spoofing or potential phishing email to a quarantine. This is similar to our old email system. The biggest change is that you will not receive a notification if an email is caught and only members of the Technology Team have the ability to release the message. 

    Situations to be mindful of include:

    1. Use of staff and student personal email accounts to send to a account.  For Example, Sending an email from your home email to your school email.  Gmail compares the names on the accounts and sees it as a spoofing email.  Please encourage students to use their school accounts to communicate with staff.

    2. Please encourage students to use their account to communicate with staff, especially if it is time-sensitive.

    If you suspect a time-sensitive email may have been caught in the quarantine please let us know. The easiest way to do this is to send an email to or for urgent requests call extension 4357.

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  • Phishing Hook (PAB) Button

    Posted by Help Desk on 12/2/2019
    Here are some quick instructions to get the Hook!

    To Force the PAB (Phishing Alert Button) to Install:

    1.       Click on your picture or Chrome Sign in located in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser (Next to the 3 dots).




    2.       Click on the image.

    3.       Click Turn on Sync

    4.       Link Data

    5.       Click “Yes, I’m In”

    6.       A pop up from Knowbe4 will come up asking to verify your account.

    7.       After the account its verified, open Gmail as usual.

    8.       You will see the PAB button when you open an email.





    Use this Phish Hook Button to report any suspicious or malicious email to the technology department.

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  • Enabling Adobe Flash

    Posted by Help Desk on 9/20/2019

    Did you know that Adobe Flash player will no longer be supported in 2020? Have you noticed that Chrome and other web browsers are already starting to block Flash content on the Web? Do you still need to access Flash content this year? You're in luck we have written up step by step instructions on how to enable Flash in Chrome!


    Keep in mind that this is just a temporary workaround if a site that you use regularly doesn't update their Flash content before the end of 2020 the content will no longer work.

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  • Chromebook Simulator

    Posted by Help Desk on 5/3/2019

    Google provides a web base Chromebook simulator that can be used to help learn how to navigate a Chromebook. Due to educational settings not all features in the simulator are available in our environment.

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  • Identify a Phishing Email

    Posted by Help Desk on 4/26/2019

    Do you think you can identify a phishing email?Image of keyboard with a fish hook on it that reads Phishing

    Take this quiz and find out.

    Here are some steps to help you with any suspicious emails.

    • Never provide sensitive or personal information through email or unknown websites, or over the phone.
    • Don’t open attachments or click links in unsolicited emails, even if the emails came from a recognized source. If the email is unexpected, be wary about opening the attachment and verify the URL.
    • If you are unsure about an email or an attachment you can always contact the helpdesk for assistance.


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  • Bookmarking Websites to your Google Account

    Posted by Helpdesk on 4/12/2019
    1. Open the Chrome browser

    2. At the top right, click Profile.

    Image of the Account Settings in Google Chrome
    3. Enter your “” email address and your password.

    4. Navigate to a website you use frequently and wish to save

    5. While on that website click on the star in the navigation bar 

    Screen image of the bookmark star in Google Chrome.


    6. A box will pop up allowing you to name the Bookmark and choose where it saves.

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  • Clearing Browsing Data in Chrome

    Posted by Helpdesk on 4/5/2019

    1. Open the Chrome Settings in the upper right corner of the browser window. Looks like three vertical dots. 

    Screen image of the More Options in Chrome

    2. Select More Tools

    3. Select Clear Browsing Data

    4. Change the time range “All Time” and select the items you wish to clear

    5. Click Clear Data

    Screen image of the Clear Browsing Data screens in Chrome

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  • File Saving & Backup

    Posted by Helpdesk on 3/29/2019

    Backing up or Saving Files is made easier by using Google Drive on your computer with Google Drive File Stream. You can:

    • Save specific files and folders offline, including Team Drives.
    • View and organize your files in your computer’s file system without using storage space.
    • Open files quickly and easily on your computer.
    • Google Drive Files Stream must be downloaded on any computer you will be using it on.

    Please use Google Drive to save files rather than the U: Drive.

    How To Install Google Drive File Stream

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