2019 Regional Spelling Bee Champion!

Regional Spelling Bee Champion, Ava M!
  • Eighth grader, Ava M, successfully spelled "nucleotides" to take first place in the Regional Spelling Bee on Tuesday. Ava will now advance to the State Spelling Bee on February 19th. Great job representing the Knights, Ava!

2019 District Spelling Bee Regional Qualifiers

Four regional Spelling Bee Finalists.  Includes two girls and two boys.
  •  As Pictured: Nic C, Audrey K, Ava M (1st place) and Caitlyn S.

2019 STMA District Spelling Bee Finalists

Middle School Spelling Bee finalists.  Picture includes 18 students in two rows.
  • Congratulations to the STMA Middle School Spelling Bee finalists and district champion Ava M. Twenty one spellers participated in the competition last night from both Middle School East and West. Four spellers reached the 12th round of the bee and therefore will represent STMA in the regional bee on February 5th. The final four spellers were Middle School East students Nic C, Caitlyn S, Audrey K and 2019 champion Ava M. Ava correctly spelled the word “portentously” in the 12th round and went on to spell “amethyst” as her challenge word to clinch the title as STMA Middle School District Spelling Bee Champion. Congratulations to all 21 spellers from East and West and good luck to the final four at the regional competition.