• 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coaches:

    Coach Anfenson:   timanfen@gmail.com

    Coach Houts:  jinah@mystma.org


  • 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coaches:

    Coach Fischer  joshuaf@mystma.org

    Coach Breuer: BrianB@mystma.org



Middle School West Girls Basketball Information

  • Season Dates: Monday, January 4th - Friday February 5th

    Schedule: The middle school winter activities will mirror the hybrid academic model. Students that are coming to school on A days (mostly Monday and Tuesday) will participate on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Students who are attending school on B days (mostly Thursdays and Fridays) will participate on those days. NOTE: If we are in the full distance learning model students will be able to partcipate all days that we have the activity.  We are currently in Full distance learning. 

      • If in Hybrid Students may only participate with their group (A or B)
      • If in Hybrid Catholic School Students and students that have elected to do full distance learning will be placed into either an A group or B group.  This may done to balance numbers.

    Practices go from 3:30pm - 5:00pm. 

    Coaches:   7th Grade: Mr. Anfenson (timanfen@gmail.com)  Ms. Houts (jinah@mystma.org)
                    8th Grade: Mr. Fischer (joshuaf@mystma.org) & Mr. Breuer (brianb@mystma.org)

    Sports Physical:  Players need to have a sports physical on file in activities office.  Sports physicals are valid for three years. A student with a three-year clearance that expires at any time from March 12, 2020 through the conclusion of the 2020-2021 school year will have the clearance extended through the completion of the 2020-2021 school year. You need to have a sports physical on file in order to register through SmartSchoolK12 in ParentVue.

    Registration: All Middle School sports registration is done online using ParentVue.

    STMA has a new online registration system, SmartSchoolK12 also known as Affinety.  You will need to create a new account and add a funding source before registering.  Follow the instructions on the links below.  Please follow both sets of instructions to help avoid confusion.  Please note, when you register for activities one of the questions asks about online school.  In this case, online refers to being enrolled in a fully online school and does not represent distance learning. 

    Link to Instructions for SmartSchoolK12/Affinety Registration

    Link to Add a Funding Source and Register

    Behavior: As an athlete for Middle School West, you are an ambassador of our school.  As an ambassador of our school, we expect your behavior to be that of a positive model for others to see and follow. 

    Important Policies to remember: 

    1. You need to be passing all of your classes to be on the basketball team. Mr. Antony will check to see if you are passing all of your classes at the end of the trimester. 
    2. You need to be in class four full periods of the day in order to practice or play in a game that night. If you have a doctor’s appointment, you may be excused from this requirement, but you need to make sure to bring a note to Mrs. Dodge, our attendance person, from the doctor explaining that the appointment took longer than usual.
    3. Your coaches will expect you to be at practice every day. Practices follow the A/B Hybrid Academic Schedule. Missed practices may result in reduced playing time. 
    4. We will bus you to all road games and back to West, but you may ride home with your parents after a game rather than ride the bus back to West. You need to have your parent sign out with your coach if you ride home with a parent.  If you are planning to ride home with someone else’s parents, your parents need to notify Mrs. Antony of this one day in advance.

    Safety Measures: 

    • Families complete daily self health checks.
    • Staff complete daily self health checks.
    • If a student exhibits symptoms, the student will be isolated from the group, and the parent will be notified and asked to pick up the student.
    • Face coverings need to be worn at all times. 
    • Students are separated into A/B schedule to limit numbers during Hybrid model.  
    • Students will not be assigned lockers, but there will be limited access to locker rooms for changing.
    • Students need to bring all of their stuff out to their practice locations.
    • Students need their own water bottles.



    Sports Specific Covid-19 Guidance   

    Website:  Your basketball team has its own website.  Go to the www.stma.k12.mn.us, click on "our schools", click on “Middle School West”, then click on “activities”, and then click on “MSW athletics page”. From here you can access all the different sports pages.  Your schedule, important information, and your coach’s email address can be found on your team web page. Eventually your team picture and write-ups from your games may appear there as well.