• 7th Grade Coaches: Mr. Oseth & Mr. Eller

    email: jeffo@mystma.org       matthewe@mystma.org


  • 8th Grade Coaches: Mr. Fore & Mr. Kelley

    Email:   michaelf@mystma.org         blairk@mystma.org

Middle School West Football Information


    Game Schedule: 


    2020 Game Schedule coming soon!


    2020 STMA Middle School West Football Information

    First practice:  The first practice is currently scheduled to be on Monday, August 31st. 

    Coaches:  8th grade:  Mr. Fore and Mr. Kelley;    7th grade:  Mr. Oseth and Mr. Eller  7th/8th Grade: Mr. Barbeln

    Sports Physical:  players need to have a sports physical on file in Mr. Antony’s office.  Sports physicals are valid for three years (This has been extended to 4 years for this season). You need to have a sports physical on file in order to register.

    Registration: Information coming soon!

    Behavior – as an athlete for Middle School West, our athletes are ambassadors of our school.  As an ambassador of our school, we expect our athletes’ behavior to be exceptional. We want our athletes to be positive role models for others to see and follow.  

    Important Policies to remember:  

    • Students need to be passing all of their classes to be on the football team.  Mr. Antony will check to see if players are passing all of their classes at mid-tri.
    • Students need to be in class five full periods of the day in order to practice or play in a game that night.  Students with a doctor’s appointment may be excused from this requirement if they have documentation from the doctor referencing the appointment.  Make sure to bring this note from the doctor to Mrs. Dodge, our attendance person.
    • Your coaches will expect the players to be at practice every day.  Practices are after school Monday through Thursday until 5:00. Missed practices may result in reduced playing time.  
    • We will bus you to all road games and back to West.  You may ride home with your parents after road games rather than the bus if you wish.  You need to have your parent sign out with your coach if you ride home with a parent. If you are planning to ride home with someone else’s parents, your parents need to notify Mr. Antony of this one day in advance.


    Clothes:  make sure to have warm clothes in your locker at all times.  There will be some very cold days in the fall, dress smart.